A Girl – by Seerat

I’m stalked;
that taught me, “to be girl”! has forgot to teach their sons, “to be men”! But;
I’m reminded;
I’m a girl;
my voice should not be loud;
my heels should not be very high;
my clothes should not be tight ;
my kajal should be light;
my lipstick should not be bright;
my face should not show any fright;
I’m told;
to behave like a girl;
to be with my girl friends;
not too close to them;
not to be mistaken as lesbian;
I’m told;
look like a girl;
behave like a girl!
wear like a girl;
you know dear society;
while you were teaching me;
I should behave like a girl;
your son;
forgot to be a man;
he didn’t lost his manhood;
he lost his gentleness;
the same son of yours;
who declared me slut;
when I walked with my male friends;
Is the same darling son of yours;
who harassed me;
when I was alone!
Your same son;
who commented on my ethics when I wore jeans;
is the same darling son of yours;
who stripped me, with his stares;
and you dear society;
watched everything ;
so silently;
so blindly;
my sneakers and my heels;
equally judged;
my veil and my skirt;
equally stripped:
my hijab and my hair;
equally molested;
crime isn’t his;
it’s yours;
you taught me to be a girl;
but you told him, he is a man!
Written by – Seerat (EEE)

This article was written by 19a

5 thoughts on “A Girl – by Seerat”

  1. This has become a habitual offender, and society is loving it because they can only show pity, but to control it, has become none of their business. 😫

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