A Rendezvous With Nature



Travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” –Ibn Battuta

With this beautiful quote in mind, I begin my travelogue of the most enthralling vacation to Uganda and Tanzania. From the moment we landed in the historic Entebbe Airport of Uganda, I knew that this trip would be one I would remember forever. I had read about the exciting anti-terror operations conducted by the Israeli military at Entebbe. So, just the thought of landing at Entebbe was enough to pique my interest.

During my short stay in Kampala, I was exposed to the customs and cultures of the people in Uganda and even got my hair done in the cornrow style that many of the native Africans have. After this, along with my family, I took a small chartered plane to Tanzania to witness the 1,200-mile odyssey- Serengeti’s Great Migration.

In this wild, open country, you feel like you could drive forever and never have enough of it. The wild, untouched grasslands of the Serengeti, stretch across horizons wider than the sea, and wherever you look there are animals. 1.5 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebras participate in the world’s greatest animal migration that no wildlife event can compete with. Having been able to witness millions of animals run across the open plains was the greatest experience of my life. The noise of the hooves and the thundering roars of the majestic lions left me awestruck. We were also lucky enough to see several cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and several colorful birds at just an arm’s length from our jeep. After having been on several safaris, I realized that the magic of the Serengeti never fades. Thus I signed up for a walking safari of the Serengeti to really feel the true essence of the wilderness.

Walking across several giraffes and elephants, and being just a foot away from the lions left me with my heart in my mouth and with a huge adrenaline rush. On the way back to our lodge I even had the chance to interact with a couple of tribes and got to watch them perform one of their ritualistic dances.

This trip was far different from the more luxurious and fancy trips that are generally spoken of, because seeing nature in its purest form gave me a different perspective of our world and made me realize there is much more to our planet than fancy shopping malls and 5-star hotels. This visit to Africa instilled a passion for travel and adventure in me, that cannot be subdued.

On the whole, Serengeti, as the Masai named it, “the place where land runs on forever”, left me with unparalleled experiences and memories that would last a lifetime.


Shreya Srinarasi (ECE, 1st year)

Illustration by Titas Ghosh (ISE, 1st year)

This article was written by 19a

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