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Finally the long awaited day, the Sports Day of M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology was held on October 30 2013, being postponed due to bad weather. Despite the rain that poured the night prior to the big day, fortunately the grounds stayed firm and in a good condition, thereby not tearing away the excitement and courage for the third time. The enthusiastic day kicked off with the march past and the salute by students of different branches of engineering. After some time, a song in honour of Karnataka was played which held the audience attentive with respect. It was followed by the speeches of various dignitaries who addressed the event. The Principal, The Head of Department of Sports and the Vice Chairman Mr. Seetharam declared the event open. Initiated by declaring the winners of the march past, the athletes took their places after having a delightful breakfast that was offered to all. Events such as the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, high jump, long jump glued the spectators to their seats. The enjoyment seemed to have added when a separate event for the teachers was held which allowed students to cheer for their favourite teachers. The participation of both teachers and the students got the crowd going. Summing up all the events which accounted for lots of joy and enjoyment, certificates and medals were distributed to the winners of various events giving them that sense of pride while the teachers were honoured with bouquets, mugs along with red and white caps which read ‘M.S.R.I.T.’ for their participation in the events. Despite the rain playing spoilsport on a couple of occasions and had almost ruined the third, everyone did enjoy, and it was something of which they could talk later. Finally, the sports day did deliver what it does best, participation and that great enjoyment and achievement rather than a routine working Wednesday.

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