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Who we are

We are a bunch of folks who have a shared love for expression, through words, art and design. We strive to report on the latest @ RIT as well as deep thoughts from our readers. If you feel like sharing something and want to see it published here, reach out!

Our Story

It all started one cold afternoon on the LHC Stairs…

Meet the Team

Just some folks who like to talk in little circular arrangements on the ESB Stairs once or twice a week… Check back here on some of those days and we’ll wave.  Get a little closer and you’ll soon be sucked into our passionate discussions.


                                           Coordinator – Oishi Banerjee


Co-coordinator: Akash.P

           Head of Design – Nayana Bangaru


Head of Editing – Shivansh A. S.                 Head of Editing – Arundhati G.



Aishwarya T
Bhavya Jain
Nayana Bangaru
Oishi Banerjee
Arundhati G
Harini N
Anish Iyer
Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Keerthana G
Ananya Pramod
Sneha Nayak
Seerat Sofi
Akash P
Drishya Ramdas
Rhea Pherwani
Vanessa Crasto
Rishabh Priyadarshini
Vivek Hathwar
Tanisha Sabherwal
Prakhar Nigam
Ajith Potluri
Nayana Bangaru
Vanessa Crasto
Miridula M
Keerthana Purushotham
Anant Raj


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