Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

‘Bubble Tea’ is a beverage with beautiful flavours accompanied with a surprise in every sip. A Taiwanese drink, it usually comprises of an iced tea or a milkshake based drink with tapioca or jelly pieces in it. These pieces are majorly spherical in shape, hence the name ‘bubble’ tea or ‘pearl’ tea.

Every sip of this beverage comes along with the small jelly balls, which burst in your mouth and adds a splash of flavour to that drink. Though this is great, it isn’t popular here in Bangalore as there are only two restaurants which offer authentic bubble tea- Pate Paton, which is in Garuda Mall, and Big Straw Boba Cafe, which has two outlets, one in Malleshwaram, and one on St. Marks Road.

One can drink Bubble Tea using straws with bigger diameters than usual, which accomodates the ‘pearls’. Hence the name, Big Straw Boba Cafe. Big Straw has a fresh way of making and serving bubble tea. It lets one choose the base liquid – like iced tea, fizzy soda and milkshakes and the flavour of the base. It also lets one choose the ‘pearls’ along with its flavour. All Completely customised. I’d recommend you to go to Big Straw for some fantastic bubble tea, along with a delicious thin-crust pizza.

P.S: If you do head to Big Straw, try the green apple flavoured iced tea base with the blueberry bombs.It’s absolutely magical!


Arundhati G (Cse, 2nd year)

Illustration by Rahul Chintapalli (1st sem, Architecture)

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