Comedy Club – ‘Yes We Still Exist’ – By Vivek Hathwar

This was a show by the comedy club of MSRIT held at the DES Hi-Tech seminar hall on 13th of November 2017.  The show had the five members of the comedy club perform in three different languages, i.e., Kannada, English and Hindi.

The show was amazingly well organised. It was well received by the audience, who made this a successful house-full show by outnumbering the seats available in the auditorium.

The performances along with some entertaining awards made the programme pretty awesome.

The first to be featured was the best branch pair. The nominated were,

  1. ISE and CSE (with a meme featuring turn of placements from CSE to ISE branch).
  2. TC and ECE (though they are brothers EC is treated as a hard core branch, whereas TC guys are trolled to be telephone operators).
  3. ME and IEM (one is Mechanical where as one says I Expected Mechanical).

The troll which won the hearts of all was the one declaring the third nominees to be winners and asking a Mechanical girl to come and receive the prize.

The performance following this was of Kamal Drolia.  A well-known comedian of MSRIT, he bamboozled the gathering with his jaw dropping stand-up comedy. He started his stand-up by speaking in English and later confessing that an educated Jharkhandi is like Introvert Sardar or a fair South Indian. This dark humour was present throughout his performance which made the audience love him. He also praised the literacy ratio in South India by quoting that when some strive hard to study English literature, some taxi drivers in this Bengaluru carry Dan Brown books!  He even pointed out the hardships of being a Mech guy, by saying that if he changes his status from single to committed on Facebook, people ask him to check whether his account is hacked.

This was followed by the award ceremony for the clubs, with the nominations of

  1. Astronomy Club (described to return to Black Hole after Ice-Breaker).
  2. Gaming club (which stays anonymous, behind the screens).
  3. Fashion Club
  4. Comedy Club (which has only 5 members and is on verge of extinction)

The winner was the Fashion Club.

After the introduction of the new website OLIA, the three comedians created an improv discussion on the Law Canteen by enacting Shah Rukh Khan, Nana Patekar, and Mithun Chakravarthy.

Aniruddha Parthasarathy, known as Partha, gave a performance of Kannada (mixed with English forming Kanglish) stand-up on the stage. The performance mainly concentrated on the cons of the Law Canteen. He described the plight of ordering and food quality through a beautiful parody of famous song from Kannada movie, Mungaru Male. ‘The heat in the canteen in peak hours during Ethnic Day would melt girls’ make-up, making guys feel like they’re seeing the transition of Michael Jackson from ‘80s to ‘70s’ was a wonderful line which made the crowd go crazy.

He ended his performance by giving an award for the most famous area in MSRIT. This was won by EIE department beating the likes of ESB stairs and First Aid room.

Finally our Humble Politician Nagraj, finished off the program by dedicating us a song sung by Shane En-maga (Watson). To conclude, it was a great experience for comedy enthusiasts to spend half an hour for a long remembering experience.


By: Vivek Hathwar (1MS16IS119)

This article was written by 19a

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