COMIC CON 2017 – by Arundhati

This year’s edition of Bengaluru Comic Con was a huge blast! With crazy merchandise, innovative cosplayers, and some great artists coming to visit, the convention definitely lived up to its reputation. Comic Con was spread over two days, the 2nd and 3rd of December, and there were single day and two day passes available. I attended Comic Con on Sunday, the 3rd.

We reached by around 11.30 in the morning and the convention hall was already teeming with people. Cos-players were posing for pictures, fangirls and fanboys were drooling over all the merchandise, and the main stage was being prepped for some amazing events. Along with all the merchandise stalls, there were a few ‘experience’ booths.  Marvel had life-sized statues of the Avengers put on display, with the ‘Infinity Wars’ trailer in the background. AXN had some of our favourite characters as statues, along with a timed puzzle challenge based on Sherlock.  And Star Wars had their lightsabers.

There was something for every fandom; be it 90s cartoon shows, anime, Marvel comics, DC comics, Star Wars, books, pop music, or even football, there was merch for everyone. Ranging from badges to posters to shirts to even wall clocks, you could find whatever you wanted. And even if you didn’t have the cash, this was a world-class window shopping experience for nerds like us.

Comic Con is a representation of how our generation views comics; it is our shrine. In a world where geekiness is a religion, and the characters are gods, having a convention which lets us embrace our inner nerds is a required tradition. It lets you meet new people, have intellectual conversations about your fandoms (in real life, woah!), get autographs of your favourite artists, and buy your favourite merchandise at amazing discounts. The events are wonderful, and the cosplay contests transport you to another world. All in all, if you missed Comic Con this year, do not miss it in 2018!


Written by: Arundhati (Computer Science)

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