Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (GRFS) is a cover-based third person tactical shooter by Ubisoft. It was released two years ago in the E3 of 2010. It had one of the most appreciated beta tests at the time.

The fun factor in the game is playing with a very fluid game play, giving you complete control over the character and having an extraordinarily customisable array of weapons.

The game’s campaign is based on a spec ops team (Ghosts) with high tech gadgets, taking up missions to find the people responsible for the death of their comrades, the elite team of Ghosts. The elite team died in an explosion, a setup that they walked into.

The campaign lasts 10 hours or so and it has a brilliant story line and one of the best game plays. The voice acting and dialogues in the campaign are impressive. Playing as the engineer in the game marking targets, ordering sync shots and keeping track of enemy locations, deciding the most suited path is the most fun part of all. When flying the UAV you can mark multiple targets and take them out simultaneously as and when needed. You can take out only four targets at a time. So if you plan it out strategically, you can take out everyone in the lookout staying hidden throughout. Most missions demand stealth and perfect coordination between the four members of the team. The campaign is very immersive and challenging. The game overall depends on acquiring and using intelligence against the enemy. The game’s motto aptly says, “Only the dead fight fair.”

The online multiplayer forum is one of the best to date. The arrays of guns available have to be unlocked and are very customisable to the smallest of parts. The multiplayer modes can have connection issues at times and this can get infuriating (one of the reasons for controller abuse).

Besides the online multiplayer there is another interesting mode of gaming called Guerrilla. It’s a gaming mode where you get to play as a team of four ‘Ghosts’ (or lesser). One very interesting feature in this mode is that they have made it split screen capable. Start playing this with your sibling or a neighbour and you’re hooked. This mode also lets you play with people on LAN or online.

For current standards, the graphics could be a disappointment for most gamers. The textures aren’t as random as they should be, patterns can be observed. The details on the apparel, the characters, the guns and the equipment are extraordinarily impressive and do stand out for the level of visual graphics. The progress bar and the kill cam in the multiplayer are majorly inaccurate. While the sound effects in the game are great, the background music might not impress most people.

The game, while having a brilliant storyline and being challenging, cannot be played more than twice. The multiplayer mode on the other hand, is very addictive and can be played endlessly. Personal experience says even a new game might not get you off GRFS multiplayer. Several new games have tried and failed to keep the GRFS disk off my PS3.

Overall GRFS is a game with revolutionary game play, decent graphics, detailed and customisable weapons, along with high tactical accuracy. At the time of release this game would be a must buy, but for a game costing nearly two thousand, and being a year and a half old, it isn’t a must buy, but you wouldn’t regret it if you did.


Kenneth V Kennedy (Information Science and Engineering)

Illustration by Kenneth V Kennedy (Information Science and Engineering)

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