Kannada Rajyotsava 2016

The day of November 16th, 2016 dawned bright and clear, with sunny skies even in the onset of winter.  In MSRIT, this day was the final day of the Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations and the festivities began accordingly.

The chief guests were S. G. Siddaramaiah, a prominent Kannada writer, and the team of ‘Badmaash’ movie. Actor Dhananjay, lead actress Sanchita Shetty and Director Akash Srivatsa came to promote their movie, which was due to release on 18th November.  The event began on a bright note with the host reciting a beautiful Sanskrit verse, drawing a sharp contrast between a king and a scholar whilst acknowledging the superiority of the latter. This was followed by a short invocation to God Ganesha, the destroyer of all obstacles.

Dr K. R. Phaneesh, head of the Department of Cultural activities, spoke briefly about the ‘Kannada Rajyotsava’ celebrations. He also expressed his gratitude to the students who ensured a grand celebration, acknowledging their indispensable contribution and unremitting efforts. He further exhorted the need for unity in diversity, and duly welcomed the chief guests.

  1. G. Siddaramaiah began his speech by appreciating the endeavours of students involved in the event. He reiterated Phaneesh sir’s words by calling for unity in diversity. He further spoke at length about the many ordeals people in Karnataka are going through in the wake of the scarcity of water. He held the callous politicians responsible for the same while holding the magnanimity of the common man in high esteem for their helpful and sharing disposition. He further sought a promise of the younger generation to ensure that the language Kannada would not be a victim of time.

Dhananjay followed suit by emphasising on the importance of Kannada language. He spoke about his works – past, present and future. He further urged the audience to visit the theatre to watch his movie, and not be bogged down by the current de-monetisation scheme.

Director Akash Srivatsa expressed his gratitude on being invited for the fifth time. He likewise expressed gratitude to a few MSRITians for their timely help. He impersonated Upendra and drew a huge round of applause for his performance.

The brief speeches of Sanchita Shetty, the lead actress, and Sri S. M. Acharya, Chief Executive, Gokula Education Foundation, followed. Prizes were awarded to the students who had taken part in the various Kannada-based competitions the days before. The Principal’s speech and Vote of Thanks followed the distribution of prizes.

The program resumed post lunch. The first performance was by the Ramaiah Music Team. They started the proceedings with ‘Jaya He Kannada Thaaye’ and concluded with a wonderful rendition of ‘Huttidare Kannada Naadalli Huttabeku’. The solos and group songs interspersed with classical and patriotic themes ensured that the audience had a wonderful time.

Next up on the stage was the western dance team, Inferno. They were the first among the many dance teams to perform. They started their performance on a wonderful note. The intensity of their performance increased manifold as time passed.

Gagan and Lakshmikanth next treated the audience to some wonderful beat-boxing. These phenomenal voice percussionists instantly struck a chord with the spectators.

Then, the Invincibles took to the stage and danced to the tunes of ‘Sikkaapatte’,’Jackie Jackie’ to name a few. They set the stage ablaze with a blistering performance. Black Illusion performed next. Scintillating moves and eye-popping sequences were the highlights of their performance.

Sagar Shastry from the law college stepped up next. With the assistance of his guitar and his mellifluous voice, he churned out beautiful songs like ‘Maaye’ and ‘Moorkhara Haadu’. He further requested the audience to support independent artistes.

This was followed by a combination dance from the Indian dance teams, Kinkini and Lasya. Graceful movements and impeccable coordination were the highlights of this performance.

Next up was the Bollywood dance team Prayag. The Prayag team gave a memorable performance. The use of rich costumes and breath-taking dance moves were the other features of this performance.Spectrum was the last team to perform. The MCs described this team by means of the seven colours that comprise the rainbow. True to this word, the team dished out a multi-faceted performance. They danced to the tunes of songs like ‘Ninnidale’ and ‘Moore Mooru Peggige’.

With that, celebrations for Kannada Rajyotsava 2016 concluded and the students spilled out into the quadrangle to enjoy some impromptu dancing and take pictures.  Overall, this day was one of vibrant colours and unforgettable memories.


Siddharth Kumar R (Mechanical, 7th semester)

Illustration by Vanessa Crasto (Biotechnology, 1st semester)

This article was written by 19a

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