Kannada Rajyotsava 2017



The most awaited day of MSRIT’s odd semester was finally here – the main stage events of Kannada Rajyotsava 2017.  It was marked by two other popular themes, “Ethnic Day” and “Rose Day”.

The entire college had been decked up in yellow and red.  The banners fluttered in the wind and the decorations gleamed.  The stage was prepared for a great day ahead.  The guests began arriving at eleven in the morning. A huge crowd of students, teachers and well wishers had been assembling near the quadrangle since morning, making Ramaiah a colourful mashup of ethnic fashions.


The event began with the customary lighting of the lamp, the Rajyotsava song and the traditional offerings to the Almighty.


The two guests who were invited were renowned actor, Vijaya Ragvendra and prominent scholar, Chandrashekar Kamba.  Vijaya Ragvendra is a winner of “Rashtra Prashasti” for his film ‘Chinaari Mutta’. Chandrashekar Kambara was introduced as “Gyana peta prashashti”.


Vijaya got the audience roaring, as he called Ramaiah a mini Prapancha (mini world with different cultures).  He also called Chandrashekar ‘appaji’ (father) giving him respect for his role as the grandson in the film ‘Belaginda Ba’.  He got the crowd cheering, when he sang the song “jai neenu hooleya Haali ena malleya”. He spoke about the importance of using Kannada and being proud of our rich mother tongue.  He finally gave us a glimpse of his upcoming movie ‘Kismath’.


Chandrashekar Kambara on the other hand talked about the current scenario of engineering graduates.  He motivated us to believe and strongly support our Kannadiga roots.  He explained his beliefs by telling us music learnt from a guru (one to one) is better than music learnt in periods (British system), and the former learning experience is much more rewarding than the latter.


His account on how the intellectual knowledge of the English Language in India was less than a single cabinet of books in England during the 1950s, made us feel more affectionate towards our language.


In addition, Dr. Putupura Gowda was felicitated for his Guinness world record for creating awareness about diabetes to the most number of people at the same time.  To represent the non-Kannadiga community, we had a speech and a song by people who had learnt the language recently.  All the winners of the events of the previous days received their awards.  And a beat box mash up by Gagan got the crowd cheering.


Just when we thought the day was losing pace, prankster guru Danish Sait made an unexpected appearance.  The crowd cheered as he made his way to the stage.  A lot of humorous jokes on various topics, as well as valuable life lessons for students when pursuing their career were some of his main highlights.  Danish also gave the audience the freedom to ask him questions.


A whole lot of cultural activities were lined up after that, which lasted throughout the evening. Great vocals and classical music were a delight to the ears.  One of the staff, renowned for his recital of Kannada hit songs every year, amazed the audience with his ragas.  MSRIT dance groups Prayaag, Lasya, TNT, Inferno, were on spot with their dance performances, leaving the audiences mesmerized.


The final part of the program, the ‘Tampte’ dance marked the climax of the program.  All the students gathered around the quadrangle getting ready for the yearly craze. High energy beats brought out the latent beasts inside all of them and we could see countless students making up new dance moves, coordinating with their friends, and having lots of fun together.


The Kannada Rajyotsava 2k17 was a grand success.  Everyone went back home with a pack of memories.  Kannadiga or non-Kannadiga, Rajyotsava will always be one of our favorite fests of MSRIT!


By: Akash P(Medical electronics, 2nd year)

Designed by:Anant Raj(Computer Science,1st year)

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