One Night Stand – by S.Vibha

A little past midnight,
The usually indifferent bartender grumbled in annoyance as I ordered another round of that disastrously bitter liquid.
I threw my head back and downed the entire shot in quick gulp and a prolonged grimace.
I needed these shots. After all they did keep me Alive. Literally.
I was tired of waiting. 
Prince Charming on his magnificent spotless white stallion, always promised to show up.
But never did.
“Tonight is the night he will arrive and ride off with you into the sunset,” I told myself as I willed my fatigued, aching body out of bed.
As I sat in the dark gloomy bar, reminiscing about my pathetic life decisions, He finally arrived.
Suave. Sexy. Mysterious Mr Stranger.
Obviously dressed in black.
I was hoping he had parked his horse outside the bar.
He took his seat next to me and gave me a Charming one-sided smirk.
It only made me blush.
Here he was. A stranger. A man of my dreams.
All throughout my adolescence I had desperately prayed to meet him.
Every single day I’d beg and plead with the Gods to let me see him once. Just a tiny glimpse of this attractive man would suffice. 
And now here he was.
Engaging me in a smouldering stare, melting away all my inhibitions.
Leaving me absolutely breathless.
He wasn’t much of a talker.
But he listened to me. No one ever did.
Perhaps that was why I found him so attractive.
He listened to me crib, complain, rant and bawl over my misery, sorrow, depression and the like.
He held me in his strong arms and let me bury myself in his chest and cry my eyes out.
He made me feel warm on the inside.
Like piping hot coffee and fuzzy socks on a rainy cold day.
We finally decided to leave, taking note of the bartender’s not-so-subtle cues of impatience and annoyance.
I was too drunk to even stand up straight. 
“You’re a mess. Let me drop you home,” he coaxed me in his deep sexy voice dripping into my ears slowly,  like honey.
And I sure as hell needed all the help I could get to reach home.
He skilfully manoeuvred me out of the bar on to the road.
He hailed a taxi.
No horse. Disappointed.
As we got off the taxi, gravity failed me. My legs were like Jello and the ground beneath me was giving way.
A dazzling light. A dull thud. An all engulfing darkness.
I wake up with a start.
Dazed. Panicked.
With the taste of mud in my mouth and a dull ache somewhere at the back of my head.
I look around confused.
Everything was so bright, so white.
I quickly covered my modesty with the pristine white bed sheets.
The confusion of wrinkles on my face faded away along with the confusion of thoughts in my head.
I suddenly felt serene and at peace. I felt ageless.
I looked around for Mr. Sexy Stranger.
He definitely owed me an explanation.
But all I found was a folded letter under the bedside lamp.
In hurried, tawny scribbles it read –
“There are no unanswered questions. There is no unfinished business. 
This is only the beginning of your journey. 
And there certainly is no return.
You will be missed.
Bon voyage.
Mr. Death.”
Written by – S.Vibha (Biotechnology )

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