Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s visit to RIT – By Oishi Banerjee

On November 20th, 2017, Ramaiah Institute of Technology was humbled by the presence of mystic Jaggi Vasudev, founder of the Isha Foundation, commonly known as Sadhguru. His contribution to raise awareness for rivers across India – the Rally for Rivers – is highly praised. His nonprofit organization works to heighten self-awareness through the program of Inner Engineering. His foundation Isha Vidhya works tirelessly for the betterment of education in rural India.


The event took place in the quadrangle. Around five thousand chairs were arranged for the crowd comprising of students, faculty, management and trustees belonging to the Ramaiah group of institutions.


The event began with bhajans performed by Isha’s musical group, ‘Sounds of Isha’. The soulful music resulted in a calmer atmosphere and everyone eagerly awaited the Sadhguruji’s arrival. As soon as he took the dais, the audience marveled at his gentle appeal and his prescience. He started the program after offering his prayers.


The talk was based on the theme “Youth and Truth”. Three students from the engineering, medical, and science colleges were chosen to question him on various issues that are faced by today’s youth. The questions that were put forward were deep and thought provoking. His simple and intriguing answers left us in awe.


He spoke highly about the importance of controlling one’s mind and body with sheer dedication and the practice of yoga. He gave us examples of various mystical experiences that he has witnessed or has heard about. He appreciated social media for bringing the world closer while also recognizing the basic evils that one is exposed to through it. He joked about simple things and how we as humans complicate various aspects of our lives.


His solution to every question was uncomplicated. He emphasized the need to find happiness in simple things. He discouraged the idea of dreaming things that arise in the form of desire. His idea was to expect the unexpected for a rewarding life. He insisted on regretting less and finding joy in everything no matter how small or immaterial it may seem to us.


Mortality is something that we are all aware of. His concept is to live a life that would feel as short as two days. On the topic of telling lies, lying in order to save oneself was not appealing to him. He wanted the younger generation to be true to oneself. His views on ideal education clash with the modern concept of marks. He wants quality from students, not quantity, for he feels India is a country that judges students by numbers and not their capabilities. He wants the teachers to be more aware of their students’ need. They should pass more detailed knowledge to the students and prepare them for the real world. His practical outlook towards each situation was easily understood by everyone.


One could never be satiated with his essence and energy. His wisdom and empirical knowledge left the audience with wonderment. Although the audience wasn’t ready to let him leave, all good things must come to an end.


After an hour and a half of the talk, the satisfaction in the crowd was evident. Sadhguru gave our thoughts a new perception and left us pondering about our existence in a practical and intuitive way. His presence was truly mystical for one and all.


Written by: Oishi Banerjee (Medical Electronics)

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