She is a Woman – By Tanisha Sabherwal

She gives life, a winner in every strife.
She is a soulmate, a person very great.
She is a friend, a fighter till the end.
She is ready to defy
all her dreads,
and has the power
to surge ahead.
She struggles to find solace
whenever she is anguished,
like all her troubles
have just vanished.
She confronts all the
hurdles for her family,
and is ready to toil for
her beloved very happily.
Thank her, we don’t dare.
Praise her, we don’t care.
She was raped, she was tortured, she was abused
and curtly replied that she was just meant to be used.
We only take the pains to
create a mess,
leaving her very distressed.
But she swallows all her insults
and never acts just to repulse.
I call her strong, I call her humble, I call
her caring, I call her loving.
I call her woman.
By: Tanisha Sabherwal (1st sem EIE)

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