Steps to Success -By Ashlesha Shivanand Bhalare


Stay Confident, be NOT Over-confident!

Have Fear, Stay NOT Nervous!

Hope for the Best, Be Ready for the Worst!

Never Keep Expectations, but always Accept your Expectations!

Be prepared to be a King, But, Be NOT Hesitant to become a Slave too because a King was also a Slave once upon a time and a Slave could also become a King in Sometime!!

Be Contagious in Spreading Happiness, Be NOT Contagious in Obtaining Sadness!

Be Courageous in Dark, Be NOT Coward in Light!

Always Compete, But Do NOT Compare!

Defeat The Failure of Yours in order to Win the World!

Through some Error, maybe yesterday was Lost in Grief, Let’s NOT Lose Today by keeping the same in Mind!

Tighten Your Sport, Calibrate your Craft, Own your Field and LEAD!!


Written by  – Ashlesha Shivanand Bhalare (6th Sem, Telecommunication)

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