The Moment

“The sea, once its casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”  This is a remarkable quote and a perfect start for me to tell you my story of how one moment, rather, THE moment, that changed my life.

It all began when my father read about scuba diving. He and my mother went on a dive trip one Christmas, and I was away with my cousins elsewhere. When we reunited, my dad couldn’t stop gushing about his trip and how I absolutely had to experience it myself. My father and I are similar in that way, we love adventure and we love water. If you combine the two, it’s clearly an obvious fit for us. So after a year, I began to prepare for one of the greatest moments of my life.

It was hard work.  I had to watch videos, read up, pass exams, learn dive tables and practice all other scuba related things but the result was beyond worth it. I’ll fast forward to the time we landed in Mexico. There was magic in the air, with the smell of the beach intoxicating me with every breath. The water was the bluest I had ever seen, with 3 bands of distinctive blues. The white sand, the sun glistening on the water and the waves lightly crashing ashore, reeled me in as I got lost in the view that I can still picture to this day.

The day of the dive, was also my 15th birthday. We woke up at 6 A.M. and got ready to head out to the beach. We were helped onto the boat, and we began to head out to the dive site somewhere amidst the coral reefs and a man-made underwater museum. As the warm breeze with splashes of water began hitting my face, in one of the clearest sky days with the sun blazing, I could not have been more excited. As the motor whirred off, and my hair finally came back to its original state, I knew it was go time. I took a deep breath and waited for my turn to jump off the boat. With my hands placed on the gear, I took a last look around and jumped right into the ocean with no hesitation, the cold water slowly engulfing me. As we began our descent, I was absolutely wonderstruck. I realised I was venturing into the great depths of a world completely unknown to me. I never felt more like I was in my element than in the water, completely one with the fish and the ocean. I observed my surroundings with my eyes open wide with disbelief – how could something be this wonderful?

You know what the best part of diving is? It’s not only as calming as meditation but makes you feel like you’re flying. It almost has a hypnotic effect on you.  I felt each second and in that moment I was infinite.


Vaishnavi Kannur ()

Illustration by Keerthana P (1st year Telecom)

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