The Night Circus – A Review



“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”


The author, Erin Morgenstern, takes a blank canvas that is your mind and begins to scrawl seemingly meaningless doodles across different sections of it. On one end there is the depiction of a young girl, Celia Bowen – the daughter of a magician, whose innocence and curiosity blossoms with the the story into a deeper, stronger and flamboyant personality. On the opposite end of the canvas, there is Marco Alistair – a young lad showing potential (we do not quite understand for what), taken under the arm of the enigmatic Mr. A.H to be trained personally for a contest of sorts. It is the story of Celia and Marco and their predetermined fate to compete in a lifelong magical competition that brings about the creation of the Night Circus.


With rêveurs, investors, artists and children filling up the remains of the canvas, the two protagonists are eventually brought together and sparks fly. Quite literally too, for what is a world of magic and fantasy without a shower of sparks!


The book follows the story of multiple characters with roles of varying importance but each one has a personality that feels real. The night circus is described with detail so vivid that the reader is immersed in its world and wishes to become a rêveur – a dreamer or follower of the circus – themselves. The storyline is so intricate that any further description would spoil the read. Every seemingly unnecessary detail falls into place at the end.


This painting the author is slowly piecing together is a jumble of colours and patterns. The author jumps from one corner to another of the canvas, switching from the past to the present flawlessly. Each character grows as one reads, taking up a larger portion of the canvas and at the end all their worlds finally collide leaving one with a complete, breath-taking masterpiece. It also makes one dwell on it for days before the mystery and enchantment of it all draws one back to read the book again.


Adithi Sundaresh (First Year, Biotechnology)

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