TV Series Review: Sacred Games – by Arundhati


Name: Sacred Games

Year of release: 2018

Seasons: 1

Being Netflix’s big break into the Indian Market, with some top notch Bollywood actors, Sacred Games is a thrilling rendition of an elaborate cat-and-mouse game between a small town cop and the city of Bombay. With a chilling warning about the destruction of everything he’s ever known in just 25 days, Inspector Sartaj Singh has to run about through the deep trenches of Mumbai’s gangs, butt heads with ruthless mobsters, and trudge through the corruption within ranks of the police themselves. Alongside his struggle, we also see the birth and upbringing of one of the biggest gang leaders in the history of Bombay, Ganesh Gaitonde; his murders, his lovers, his friends, his foes. Gaitonde’s three fathers seem to be one of the most critical parts of the story, with the third father seemingly the ring master of this game. Will Sartaj find the answer and save the city? Or will he be dragged down this ever widening spiral of corruption, connections, and violence? Will Bombay survive this time bomb? Watch Sacred Games to find out!

With breath-taking scenes, jaw-dropping acting and spine-chilling dialogues, Sacred Games makes good use of the flexibility provided by Netflix to show us the blood curdling situation of Mumbai’s streets. Amidst gun shots and brothels, we see a complicated story arising, with several characters which will leave you flabbergasted. The brutal cruelty will shock you, the raw emotion will draw you in, and the sound track will keep you hooked. All in all, Sacred Games is a recommended watch!

Final Rating: 4.5/5


Written by: Arundhati (Computer Science)

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